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Last day in Nice, off to Antibes

So I woke up today pretty early at about 7:30 to be exact. I went to my little cafe to grab some breakfast and people watch before the day began. I ordered my usual Crepe with Nutella and bananas and a cafe with cream (cafe au lait). My waitress was very nice and super friendly. She brought me my order very quickly. While enjoying my breakfast and people watching, apparently a not so mentally stable person came in and began yelling at my server. Several other servers jumped in and seemed to tell this lady to go away. She did not and the tone of her voice escalated. She became louder and louder yelling at the servers and finally picked up a chair and threw it at a table. The lady sitting on the back row of tables picked up her little dog to make sure she didn't get hurt. The lady finally left screaming and walking down the street. Needless to say, it was entertaining and I am glad no one got hurt.

I went back to the hostel at about 9:30 and decided to go to Antibes with the Finnish girls, Heta and Kaisa. They were super nice for letting me go with them. We stopped at a shop and grabbed some sandwiches for the girls to eat on the train. Kaisa bought the train tickets and I gave her cash back. They sat behind me on the train and ate and talked in Finnish, while I put on some music, specifically Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah on this gray day was perfect. We arrived in Antibes in no time. Kaisa, the girl below on the right, lived in Antibes and showed us around this great little city. She was a great tour guide

We walked the city center and came across a really cool market on this sunday morning. There was everything from healthy oils, to fresh fish, cheeses and spices. My favorite cheese that was given to me was the fresh Manchego...WOW. I see how the french could live on wine, cheese and in my case olives :-). I could definitely live like that.

After the market we walked down to the water. It was super windy on this day. We watched the wind wakeboarders fly all over the harbor. The wind was so strong it was lifting some of these guys 10-15 feet out of the water. After that we walked over to the picasso museum, but were informed we would have to come back after 2pm to get in. When we finally did come back to get in, the line was insane to get in. The exhibit was great and I really enjoyed seeing some of picasso's work from the 40's and early 50's.

After the Picasso museum we stopped at a great little place and had lunch. I had a cheese crepe and the girls had a ham and cheese crepe as well as some other delicious goodies. After that we decided to try and find the bus station that would take us back home. We stopped by the tourist center and got information on the busses, however, we could not find the stop that would take us back to Nice. We ended up walking back to the train station and got tickets back to Nice. We were lucky because it was the express train and got us back to Nice with no stops.

After getting back to the hostel, I tried to sleep but couldn't. There was a new girl checking in from Holland, originally Frankfurt, named Cosiana. She was funny and was having a laugh with the owner. Cosi and I started talking and it was getting later and we decided to get some food. She informed me that she was vegetarian. I told her that I was too and we decided on sushi. We found a really cool place about 2 blocks from our hostel and enjoyed some great sushi and ice cold beers. We didn't get to crazy because we had to get up early to catch a taxi to the airport. There were some locals at our table that were having fun and kept doing saki shots. All I could think was that they were going to be hurting in the morning.

In all this was a great trip. I could have spent about another month just exploring the little cities and towns along the coast, maybe have even gone to Provence, but I think given the amount of time, I did all that I wanted to do. Take chances when you go out of the country and see the sights. I try to take advantage of all the little perks of my job and I am very happy that I did this trip. Hopefully I will get to do more exploring next year.

Last day in Nice, Off to Antibes

Until next time...


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